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User Interface


Blaze panel is available in Node editor, The panel was also present in physics Tab in earlier versions of this add-on, but lately, this add-on was removed from multiple places, and in the latest version, the add-on is only available in the node editor.

To be able to see the panel in the node editor, just press the Shortcut key 'N' on your keyboard, while your cursor is in the node editor.

When you open the properties panel, the first thing that is visible is a 'Preset type' dropdown, and by default, 'Simulation based' is chosen

There are a total of two presets in this dropdown

1. Simulation Based

2. Procedural

Simulation Based

As the name suggests, Simulation based is used for Mantaflow-based simulations and VDB simulation files.

When this preset is chosen, another preset drowdown will be available below it, and it will also have two presets - 

  1. New Blaze Shader

  2. Old Blaze Shader.

"Add Blaze Shader (Mantaflow)" can only be added for Mesh objects, and thus automatically disabled only if you have selected any other object then mesh by mistake.

The same applies to "Add Blaze Shader (VDB Volume)", this can only be clicked if the selected object is a VDB Volume.

And for the "Add Blaze Shader (Only Smoke)" button, it can be applied to both Mesh and VDB Volume.

Note:- Blaze Shader (Mantaflow) should be applied only to the domain object in order to see the correct results

Change attribute panel

Here, you can change the flame attribute, though you do not need to do it in case if you are using Mantaflow, but still if are willing to try some other attributes

1. heat

2. flame(applied by default)

3. temperature

4. density

and the valid attributes for VDB volume are:-

1. flames

2. flame

3. temperature

4. heat

5. density

Though Houdini also can export fuel attribute, but it does not give very good results in the blender, that's why when you enter this in the 'Attribute' input and click on 'Check status' button it shows a warning 'Not a valid attribute'.

After every time you enter the attribute, you can click on the "Check status" button, just below it to see that whether the attribute you entered is valid or not.


As the name suggests, Blaze's procedural shaders are directly the shaders which do not need any simulations, when this is chosen, you will see another 'Preset' dropdown below it, and this drop-down has currently three presets -

  1. Engine exhaust flame

  2. Candle flame

  3. Fire

Upon the chosen preset from this dropdown, when you click on Add button below, The cube object will be added will the shader applied, and you just need to place that object wherever you need that.​

Help Panel

Help panel has the buttons, for This documentation, Support page, if you are facing any issues, and the link to our Youtube channel, and This Website.

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