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About us

R Animation Studios is a dynamic venture helmed by a talented Blender addon developer with a remarkable portfolio of creations. This studio has crafted several notable add-ons such as Nisarga, Flora, Blaze, and more, all tailored for Blender users. These innovative tools are made available on various prominent marketplaces including Davoxel, Blender Market, Gumroad, and Flipped Normals.

Not only does R Animation Studios excel in addon development, but it also boasts a presence on YouTube with a channel of the same name. Here, the creator shares valuable insights and tutorials related to Blender, enriching the community with their expertise.

Furthermore, the visionary behind R Animation Studios aspires to elevate their skills by embarking on a project close to their heart - the creation of a short film using Blender. This endeavor not only serves as a platform for personal growth but also promises to be a significant addition to their already impressive portfolio.

Beyond individual projects, R Animation Studios extends its influence as the driving force behind Davoxel. As the director of this innovative marketplace tailored for 3D artists, they've established a platform where creators can showcase and sell their artworks, 3D models, courses, plugins, and more. This venture stands as a testament to their commitment to fostering a thriving community of digital artists.

In essence, R Animation Studios is a powerhouse in the Blender community, contributing not only through their exceptional addons but also by providing platforms for artists to showcase and monetize their creations. Their multifaceted approach to the world of 3D artistry positions them as a prominent figure in the Blender ecosystem.

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