Tropical Leaves

Getting started




Nature is random, and to add randomness, Random Transform feature is introduced, Using this you can add extra bit of realism, to your scene by rotating and scaling the assets randomly.

If you want to reset the random transformations, you can do it very easily by clicking on the button, just below it, and this will undo the random rotation, and scale



No one likes nature assets flying in the air, and it looks extremely unrealistic too, so here comes Snap to ground feature, You can directly snap any asset to the ground just beneath it within a click.

Sometimes, you may face an issue, asset can be weirdly rotated, and that happens because rotation is not applied to the asset, so, to deal with this situation you can click on make editable button, and then in Object Data properties click on the chain icon just next to the asset's name and this will that asset local, and then select that asset and Press Ctrl +A and from the Menu select rotation, and this way you can fix the rotation problem.


Add Asset at Center or Cursor

You can change the default phenomena of adding asset on the origin point to a particular location by switching to the cursor. while you are on cursor mode, place the cursor at your choice of location, and then click on the Add nisarga asset and the newly placed asset will be added at the cursor's location. and if you are in center mode, No matter where your cursor is, the asset will be added to the World origin.

Note that you can't move the already added asset to the cursor's location using this method, to do such thing, you can press Shift +S on your keyboard and then from the pie menu choose Selection to Cursor, or hit 8 on your numpad and this will Immediately place the selected asset to the cursor's location.


You can Add nisarga Asset by selecting any of the asset from the Enum, and then Click on Add Nisarga Asset Button, and this should immediately load the asset into the scene. and If you want that your assets should be editable, than you can click on Make editable checkbox, and if you have already added the asset into the scene and further according to the need of scene, you have to edit that asset, you can do that also, by clicking on the Make editable button.


You can edit Nisarga Asset by clicking on the make editable button and then, in the Object data properties Tab, you need to click on that chain Icon, and then now, If you press the Tab button, you will now be able to edit your assets, and for editing your materials, you need to click on the chain icon in front of the material name, and this will make the material editable,

By the next release of the add-on, you don't need to do this manually.