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"Skywatch" Scifi Short Movie is on Youtube Now !

A Sci-fi Movie that was Made Mainly in Blender and Made by Colin Levy

is a 10 Minute Sci-fi Short Movie with an Interesting Story in and Behind it.

Colin Levy was Working with Pixar as Camera & Staging Artist when he Started Working with Skywatch.

Earlier, Colin Levy has Also Worked with Blender Animation studio and was Part of the Open Movies Like Agent 327 : Operation Barbershop and Sintel

This Movie was Shot in Los Angeles and San Fransisco.

This is a Story of two Teenagers who hack into a Home Delivery Service and with this they are entangles in a Conspiracy To find it More Just Watch the Movie and You will be Proud of VFX Artists and Such a Powerful tool "Blender".

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