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Image by Tj Holowaychuk


How to install?

1. Extract the .rar files by grabbing the first part and extracting it, but note, that all other parts should be in the same folder to extract successfully.

2. Locate the

3. Open Blender

4. Go to Edit> Preferences > Add-ons

5. Click on Install from file and choose

6. Activate the add-on by clicking on the checkbox, and  choose the install path where your library is located, you should be in the folder in such a way that you see only two folders - Blends, previews

7. Add-on must be visible in the Properties panel in 3d View.

8. It is recommended to restart the blender just after the installation of the add-on

How to Uninstall?

1. Open Preferences, and then search for Flora, and then disable the add-on by clicking on the checkbox and uncheck it

2. Click on the remove button to remove the add-on.

3. Restart Blender and the add-on is successfully removed.

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