Blaze is a cinematic fire shader made for artists struggling to tweak material again and again to achieve a good looking fire, you are at the right place, save your time with better results.

Whether making nuclear explosions, Sci-fi blasts, or a campfire scene anything you can easily do it by hitting just one button.

There are 26 + Different color presets to achieve the wilder look and superpower fires, with great depth in colors.

This is the most efficient and pleasing FX Shader add-on which will speed-up your work without worrying about the look as it is Super hot!

With version 1.4 of this add-on, a new smoke shader was introduced with 12 + color presets, and with version 1.5 a new preset was introduced for shader in Mantaflow.

We have recently released a tutorial video for the latest version of the add-on

you can watch the tutorial video by clicking on the Watch now button

and If you have not purchased the add-on till now, you can buy it now


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