Tropical Leaves


Nisarga Add-on is a Mega Library of Nature assets, which covers everything Trees, Grass, Weeds, Flowers, Shrubs, Pots, etc. And with Professional quality assets that you can use in your professional projects.





Unprecedented Quality

Unprecedented detailed assets, with a faster performance, to keep you on the next step everywhere, to keep you on the next step everywhere, when it comes to nature renders, or architectural renders. We have covered you all. You can even use these assets for camera closeup shots for your professional projects.

Random transform

Nature is random, and to add randomness, Random Transform feature is introduced, Using this you can add extra bit of realism, to your scene by rotating and scaling the assets randomly.

If you want to reset the random transformations, you can do it very easily by clicking on the button, just below it, and this will undo the random rotation, and scale

Snap to Ground

Immediately snap the asset to ground, as nobody likes their asset flying in the air, as it looks weird and that's why we have added this feature. Using this you can directly snap the selected asset to the ground beneath it.

Add Asset at Center/Cursor

You can change the default phenomena of adding asset on the origin point to a particular location by switching to the cursor. while you are on cursor mode, place the cursor at your choice of location, and then click on the Add nisarga asset and the newly placed asset will be added at the cursor's location. and if you are in center mode, No matter where your cursor is, the asset will be added to the World origin.

Three Versions


1. Nisarga Ultimate

Nisarga Ultimate is the fullest version of the add-on and it consists of about 500+ assets + VIP Support + Priority response. 

2. Nisarga Pro 

Nisarga Pro version consists of about 50% of total of assets present in the ultimate version of the add-on, and that consists of about 250+ assets plus future updates will be free + Priority support.

3. Nisarga Lite

Nisarga Lite version consists of about 33% of total assets present in the ultimate version of the add-on and it consists of about 165+ assets in the library, plus all the future updates will be free.

Want to know more about versions - Click here


What's Next

We are planning further to work with scattering and direct integration with scatter add-on, and also looking forward for awesome features using Geometry nodes, Asset browser, and we are also planning to double or triple up our library, assets are already ready and being tested, as soon as this release stabilizes, soon we are going to drop our next release with more high quality assets, with even more variety of species.